Thursday, December 29, 2016

We are the Created

Do you know why people do not need to kneel or show weakness, fear or shame in the face of the Creator?

It is because we are he.  He is us.  We are made of him, from him, by him with a purpose as we are.  Intended to be as we are.

To show any of those things as we stand before him is to say we know better than he what his intent and point is.  We find fault in his work that we cannot even begin to know the entirety of.

We are ashamed of what he made and thus being not only by him but of him, we are thus ashamed of him.


That is the weakness talking.  That is what we should remember to constantly strive to overcome.  We stand proud in front of him.  We show No shame.  No fear.   No regret.

We do not kneel, cower, cringe apologize, show shame or regret for who and what we are.

We are as we were made to be.  Do we have faults within us?  Yes we do, they were put there on purpose for us to overcome.  Do we have weaknesses?  Yes we do.  They exist intentionally so that we are always motivated to strive to work to be our best.

We are made to challenge, to overcome adversity, to see what can be, what should be and always make the effort to get as close as we can to that.

This world, this life, is our classroom.  It is our forge.  It is where we are broken to make ourselves whole again and again.  Each break line, each weld, each rebuild making us stronger and more capable than before.

We stand strong, always proud, always assured that we are exactly as we are made to be.  Now, a lot of this may sound like a lot of , "Oohrah!" Marine bluster.   However, the truth of the matter is that we are being played.  Our weaknesses are being taken advantage of and we are being taken advantage of.  That too is as it is meant to be.  The Creator of all things knowing that first we must be broken to become better created the Demons and Angels to play epic games od strategy and challenge with us as the pieces.

They do as they were made to.  The same Creator that made us to be like him,, to have Free Will and tremendous strength, power, innovation, creativity and the will to be made them too.

But they have no free will.  They must be the most of what they were made to be.  They exist to test us, to break us, to fix us, to ensure we are striving to become better than what we were.

They have no pity, no sympathy, no shame or remorse.  They as we, exist to be what they were made to be.  By the same Creator who gave us the strength, the courage the conviction, and yes, the sympathy, the pity, the shame and more to know what we are.  To realize just what power we have and know it is meant to be used wisely and intelligently with compassion and courage.

We are he and he is us.  We have tremendous power and gifts because He has the same power and gifts.  Our constant struggle to become stronger, wiser, smarter and to be our best is not just to overcome those who were made to push us, to frighten us to forge us.  Our goal is not to be better than he person next to us.  The goal is to be the best person we can individually be.

Be proud.  Be Strong.  Have courage and do not be ashamed of having been weak or broken at points in our lives.  He knows that.
He also knows how much we gain when we overcome it.

We are the Created.  We have nothing to fear except our own unwillingness to be what we are made to be.