Saturday, October 29, 2016

Seeing Through Spiritual Context

There is more to life and knowledge than just facts. People in modern times, particularly those of an agnostic bent, question what place religion and spirituality have in society.
There are those who, blaming the concept based on the not-so-reliable self proclaimed subscribers, say that there is no value to religion or spirituality in modern society as everything is based on rationalization, reasoning and facts. Science is said to be the thing to place ones faith in.
Truth be told, religion and spirituality are not mutually exclusive with facts or reason. People have this way about us to polarize concepts to make things easier to mentally "digest" and communicate. That's not the way of the world though. The way of the world is much more robust and complex than that. The true view of the world is ore like looking through a compound eye with hundreds of lenses or facets, much like a bees eye.
The role of spirituality or religion in early societies and in modern society is much the same. It provides context. Just about anything can be rationalized or justified. Often, the age old saying of "Just because something can be done doesn't necessarily mean it should be done." This is where religion and spirituality often come in.
They provide us with a directive or a purpose. In the course of achieving that purpose, we find context. Context can be thought of as a lens filter that fit's over our "simplified" eyes to avoid the mind becoming overwhelmed from too much input that the compound world view brings with it.
The more the religion or spiritual view intends to influence the person subscribing to it, the more the filter is "treated". There is a reason we talk about things like people wearing "rose colored glasses". They have a view of the world that is filtered in such a way as to only show them the things they think are good. Quite a treated lens indeed.
Being topixqui we prefer to see the world clearly with few filters and no shading at all. The filters we work to achieve are more like having bifocal or trifocal glasses. They aren't to distort our view but to enhance our perception. To help us see things more clearly at different perspectives.
It is true that some religions will go so far as to not only tint or color their views but to go so far as to put on blinders to some perspectives entirely. This is unfortunate but it happens.
As mentioned earlier, religion and spirituality can not only affect our view of the world, but to provide us with context of it as well. It provides us with "givens" to fill in blanks such as we see in mathematics. Those "givens" provide us with our context for the how's and why's of life that people often struggle to fill in on their own.
That isn't to say that those givens can't be filled in by someone as they go through life. It happens often enough and perhaps to a large degree, this is where people who identify as "Athiests" really are at. they not only have filled in those givens on their own, they prefer to only get those givens and context in that manner. They don't feel comfortable with accepting those givens from sources they don't feel in contact with or that they have doubt in the subscribers of that they have come into context with.
The Creator is fine with that. The point is that people are working to be better people and as long as the context they use is leading them in that direction, all's well.
Which takes us once again to the greatest tool, weapon, strength that we have; Free Will. The Creator gave us Free Will to make the best choices for ourselves. Once we have learned how to make the best choices for ourselves and we have made those choices and decisions using our Free Will, we then fully own the results and consequences of those choices much more than we ever could by merely doing as someone else would force us to comply with.
Don't ever be afraid or shy about your religious or spiritual beliefs and faith. There is more to any discussion and decision than the facts and details. Those are important but cannot alone answer the "Can be done, should be done" part of any and every honest discussion or decision.

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