Sunday, October 30, 2016

Are Topixqui Druids?

I've addressed this a few other times but I never seem to quite nail it down the way I want to.

I was recently asked if Topixqui, those who take the vows to serve the Creator, are like modern day Druids.

This is a fairly common question.  The historical and mythical understanding of Druids is very similar to how we describe the role of being a Topixqui or Brother (or Sister) in Indigenous Earth.  

I have noted several times that our way is the way of millenia and how the core understanding and relationship with the Creator has been nearly universal since  the beginning.  Druidism is the reflection of that common understanding from the celtic historical perspective.

In some ways, we are very much like the way we see the druids.  Perhaps the biggest difference is that Druids were noted for taking political and religious leadership roles in society.  While we do fulfill religious ritual roles, we try our best to stay out of being political and governmental leaders.  In fact, the most political thing one could say about people who follow this path is that we tend to hold mostly libertarian philosophical and consequently, political, views because of our awareness of Free Will and the natural rights all people have directly as a result of that Free Will.

Another difference is that Druids were commonly described as being involved in human sacrifice and the sacrifice of living animals.   Tat is something we rather strenuously avoid.

There are commonalities though.

We see our role as vow takers to try to be as objective as possible.  To see things from as many points of view or perspectives as possible.  We place a great value on context and integrity.  Because of these strongly held values, we often find ourselves in the role of an arbitrator though not necessarily a "judge" per se.

We see ourselves as representatives of Natural law and God's Will.  We work to ensure that unnecessary harm and intrusion into the natural world and natural ways of all living beings are minimal if not eliminated.  As that representative, we also see it as our role to guide and assist people  to be successful on their paths and in their lives as facilitators, mentors and helpers.

Of course, we encourage everyone to follow this model of behavior and lifestyle.  The major difference between Topixqui or the brotherhood is that we take vows, we make a promise to God to do these things to the best of our abilities.  We take those vows very seriously and see it not as just an occupation or career but as our life's mission.

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