Saturday, November 28, 2015

Know yourself to control yourself

Hate is a result of fear.  First we associate fear with an event and often a person who perpetrated or was associated (even if incorrectly associated) with a fear causing event.

Fear leads to anger and resentment.  We don't like being afraid and we don't, in general, being made to be afraid.

Hate is what we are taught by others and even by ourselves when we seek to find or single out others to vent anger, frustration, resentment and all the other negative feelings and notions we have.

Hate is polarizing.  It creates a viewpoint of "them vs us"  or "you vs me".

Self discipline, self control at the point of first feeling fear can prevent hate in us.

Using reasoning and being rational can remove hate from us.

There's nothing wrong with feeling angry or afraid or resentful.  However, we do not have to let those emotions take charge of our thoughts.  We do not have to let them control what we think and do.

We are not simple creatures relying only on instinct and primal urges to determine our thinking and behavior.

We have Free Will.   We have the power to choose how we think and behave.  We are able to overcome emotions, instincts ages urges with reasoning self discipline and rational thought.

We don't have to hate.  We can be better people.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Indigenous Earth Loves Thanksgiving

Someone asked recently do practitioners of Indigenous Earth celebrate Thanksgiving as a holiday.

The short answer is that we can.  No one will ever say among us to please not be thankful for what we have in our lives.

Of course eludes the actual question.   The official answer is that IE does not recognize any single day as a holiday for giving thanks in a religious or spiritual way.

Thanksgiving in America is a social holiday anyway.  Which is fine as we see it.

Among those who practice the IE way of life, we are openly thankful for what we have made,  who we are and for those around us on an everyday basis.

We don't require a holiday to remind us, but it's nice to have society as a whole make it known that our American society finds it important to be thankful and not simply take everything for granted.

It's part of the make-up of a good person and we'll back that up any day.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Applying what you know to how you feel

One of the most challenging things people face is to reconcile what we learn with what we feel.

For example, many people are taught to not unjustly judge others.  Yet, based on our feelings when we meet or see other people, we often immediately do exactly that.

It's often an reflexive or "knee-jerk" reaction.  We see something that makes us "feel" an emotion like angry, sad, scared, etc... and we associate that with the person or people that were involved.

When we see that person or people again, those feelings often are the first to come to our attention, even before facts such as names, etc...

The success in overcoming this to be a better person isn't in overcoming the emotional reaction or skipping it entirely.

The success is in recognizing what is happening and allowing your teaching to modify your thinking as it is happening.

Rational thinking is a tool we can use to make our interactions with others more successful.  We are not leaving out or ignoring our emotions but at the same time we are not letting those feelings "do the driving".

Rational thinking is something we must practice.  It doesn't just happen.  It is a habit that we can instill in ourselves by keeping it in our conscious mind and making an effort to engage in it at every reasonable opportunity.

To be rational is to stay calm, be polite, and take into consideration everything being said and done.  This means using good listening and observation skills.  It means giving others the benefit of the doubt until and unless they prove otherwise.

Topixqui understand that we are here to become better people.  One way we become better people is by understanding who and what we are instinctively and naturally and improving upon that with new skills and abilities that allow us to reason and make us better decision makers.

Being in this Material world means that we are not perfect.  We cannot and should not expect others to be perfect.

We can and should expect each other to make the effort to do better and be better people though.

Being rational thinkers is one if the ways we achieve that.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Science wasn't made to measure the spiritual

Too many people get caught up in the idea that there is no scientific evidence to support the idea of intelligent creation.

However, people fail to realize, or recognize, that science is a tool of people.  It is intended to measure and observe the physical world, not the spiritual world.

Of course, those who disbelieve from the start will argue there is no spiritual world (that they can observe or measure, see the cycle here?) to be measured or observed.

We at Indigenous Earth see these as people who cannot see the forest for the trees.  They are so obsessed with the physical world and experience, they not only will not see the bigger picture, they refuse to see it.

Millions of people for thousands of years have found the evidence they need to believe the Creator and the Spiritual world is there.

Only those who must have others agree with them demand scientifically qualified evidence made available for them.

This is the equivalent of a person demanding a miracle to prove a rock in the center of the earth is real.

When people demand "proof" of the Creator or the spiritual world, try to help them pull back from the spotlight they are looking at so closely and see the whole picture.

If they cannot or will not, it's OK.  You cannot help someone who does not really want to be helped.

Don't let them trouble you.

Enjoy the view they only wish they could see.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Morality, It Doesn't Just Happen

Morality, many people seem to believe,  or at least acts of morality, are the result of coercion or threat or punishment by a deity.

Athiests will say that morality is purely learned and taught by society being the one to coerce or punish.

For Topixqui, it is our given understanding that morality is "built in" to all people to a certain degree and that society encourges or discourages certain moral behaviors.

We understand that as designed,  people are capable of moral thinking and behavior.   You might say it is part of the lead (or graphite) in our unsharpened pencil when we are born.

The degree of our morality is determined by how the pencil is sharpened and to what degree.

We do not need the Creator to coerce or otherwise force us to engage in moral thought or behavior.  He put it there to begin with and is now leaving it to us as part of our life mission to engage in as we choose to individually.

The only things about our existence in this Material Plane that is not voluntary is being here and leaving here and even leaving here is pretty voluntary.

For people to demand moral behaviors of each other, especially in the name of the Creator,  is assuming too much.

The Creator gave all people Free Will.  That is our First understanding that our life is voluntary.   What we do in our own  lives and with our own lives is up to us.

We can follow the path he sets for us and use the resources he left for us here to succeed or we can go off course and be wasteful.   The choice is ours.

Being a moralistic person and engaging in moral behavior is not something the Creator dictates to us.  It is what he hopes we choose so that we can successfully move on to the next thing