Monday, March 23, 2015

A Little More On The Power Of People

When someone claiming to be an athiest asks me what proof I have that the Creator is there, I will always reply that they only have but to look around them.  The world itself is more proof than anyone needs to know of the Creator.

They can accept the proof or not.  I don't care, I am not here to recruit or make them believe anything.   Their relationship, or lack of one, with the Creator is between them and the Creator.

One thing I do like to put out there is that there is some notion put forth by some other people that I would have to say misleads many people as to the nature of the Creator.  The notion that the Creator is some human looking Grandfatherly man, watching actively over everything that everyone in the world is doing, or not doing.

Let me put it straight-forward from the Topixqui understanding.  The Creator made all people in his image, as a spiritual being and having Free Will, which no other being besides the Creator has.  To put it as simply as possible, the Creator made the Spirit world and then made the physical/material world as sort of a process for People to grow and become good people.  It is a world of change and conflict because it is through change and conflict that we learn the best and the most.  It is not a "perfect" world in that everything goes as planned and there are no wars or strife.

That's not what this world was made for.  It was made for us to be challenged and to become smarter, wiser people.

The Creator made all of this and put in place everything we might possibly need, then he turned his attention to other things.  He looked back over his should and  said, "OK, It's all there, I'll be back every once in awhile to check on you, but it's all pretty much automatic now.  Everything good?  Good." and he went on his way to doing other things in this great realm of existence.

 Do our prayers get heard by him as he goes about his business?  Yes, but none among us have any idea as to which he will bother with in terms of response.  You see, most of what we need is already here.  Even the "magic" (for lack of a more appropriate term) that makes it all happen is here, working as it was meant to.

This world isn't a nursery, the Creator isn't a babysitter.  We have Free Will and we must learn to make the best use of it to make ourselves into good people.  Free Will means we decide for ourselves what to do with our lives, no other person has domain over our lives unless we give it to them.
We decide what we do, how and when and why we do it. 

With Free Will comes responsibility.  We are obligated to be responsible for what we do.  We own what we make.  If we bring harm to others or to ourselves, we are held responsible for it by the Creator.  The Creator judges us and we should judge ourselves by the same stick.  "Are we being or becoming a good or better person in what we do or have done?"

If the answer to that question is "No", then we must atone and work harder to achieve that goal.  We do judge each other and it should only be by the same measure so that we can help each other to be a good person or a better person.  However, in judging others remember that we do not hold domain over them.  They still and always have their own Free Will and must seek their own way out.  If they need help, they must seek it out.   You cannot help someone who does not want to be helped.  Their Free Will will not allow it.

We do not have the right to remove or impede that which the Creator has set in place.