Saturday, December 6, 2014

What are the daily and regular obligations of topixqui

To be in the topixqui way of life and to be a Topixqui are two things.  To be a Topixqui is to take a vow of servitude, made to the Creator of all things.  The vow is given by a Topixqui and in the company of other Topixqui, should any others be in the area.

Once the Vow of Topixqui is made, it is a life long vow.  One never stops being a Topixqui until the day they die.  They may abdicate their duties and not be available to others in carrying out their Topixqui duties but that is between them and the Creator.  Any person following the topixqui ways, learning that a Topixqui has stopped their service is encouraged to pray for that Topixqui and leave them to their ways unless the Topixqui asks for help.

Being in the topixqui way of life requires no vows to be taken.  We only look to each other to support each other in understanding the world in the topixqui way and to be good people.

The number four is a very powerful number in the understanding of topixqui.  When we do things, we often do them in fours.

People following the topixqui ways are encouraged to pray every day at least four times, or more, throughout the day.  A Topixqui is expected to  pray at 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm.  These occur at four hour intervals during the the four parts of the day.  Many people following the topixqui way will follow a Topixqui's lead and also pray at those same times, though they have no requirement to do so.
Bear in mind that in regards to "prayer" we are not talking about a dramatic show of servitude.  Rather we simply stop and take a moment to have a chat with the Creator.  Perhaps to say "thank you" for something that happened, perhaps to send forth helpful healing thoughts for someone in need.  There are any number of things we send to the Creator when we are in prayer.  The point is to keep the channel open, so to speak, between ourselves and the Creator.

A Topixqui is required to hold a service four times in a month, often resulting in once per week.  It is determined that a Topixqui should hold their service on the change of the moon.  So they will hold it on the first day of the New Moon, etc....  Those who follow the topixqui ways are encouraged to participate in at least one and as many as four services each month, there they are not obligated to do so.  This is a service of spiritual and/or physical cleansing.  One type of service is to conduct a "Sweat" such as in using a sweat lodge.  Another type of a service is fasting fast and prayer for a minimum of four hours to four days.  (intake of water is encouraged during a fast for topixui purposes).  Yet another service is ceremony of consecration, perhaps the most common service in which the Topixqui invites others to devote themselves to the topixqui ways and pray to the Creator to fin d ways to make a better person of themselves.  (This is not the same as the Vow of Topixqui which is a sacred ceremony to become a Topixqui.)

A Topixqui is obligated to carry out four "daily services" each day.  These being doing something beneficial for another person that they are capable of. It could be as simple as holding a door for someone whose hands are full to carrying something for an elderly shopper.  There are many ways to be of simple service to someone else. It is recommended to those who follow the topixqui ways to commit acts of service to other people at least once a day and ideally four times a day.  Again, they are not required to do so as a Topixqui is.

The most important thing for people who follow the topixqui ways is to understand that being a good person is what we, as humans, strive for.  It is through our service to each other that we are individually challenged and are able to see life not only through our own eyes but through the eyes of others.  We are able to learn from others and be reminded daily that we are not alone in going through life.

It is by understanding that, that we CAN be good people and that we CAN have a positive influence in the world around us that we can fully appreciate our place in creation as spiritual beings who can take steps to change the world and make things work.

We are made in the likeness of our Creator as spiritual beings who have an incredible power called Free Will.  It is our place in this world to learn discipline, strength, appreciation and respect for all life so that when we are returned to the spirit world, we are able to carry out our spiritual lives to their full capacity.

Do Topixquii Have Holidays?

Someone asked recently if topixqui celebrate the same holidays as everyone else or if we have our own holidays.

We do not celebrate holidays of other paths or religions.  We recognize social holidays, such as Thanksgiving, largely because being thankful for the blessings in our lives is not exclusive to any religion or way of life.  This is a holiday we feel is inclusive of pretty much everyone.

Many common Christian holidays have a modern, non religious or social aspect to them such as Easter being commonly accepted as a a celebration of Spring, re-birth and the circle of life starting over.  Timing is everything.

While topixqui don't necessarily refrain from participating in the non-Christian aspects of these holidays, we don't necessarily actively support them either as a religious holiday of our own.

For us, each and every day is an ideal day to show respect and gratitude to the Creator for life as we know it.  Keep in mind that most religious holidays started out as days of obligatory service.  Followers of said religion are expected to participate in and/or play a role in the tasks and duties related to the purpose of the day.   At the very least, followers are expected to spend a certain amount of time in obligatory genuflecting or honorific prayer.

It is due to this obligatory participation that the days become "holidays" in the first place.  To have the time to do those things, not interfered with by other, non related tasks such as working, etc....  What times are left unaccounted for are usually spent in the company of family and fellow practitioners while awaiting their time to commit such service, tasks, or obedience.

As topixqui, we see every day, essentially, as a "Holy Day".  There are no fantastical occurrences to remember or honor from history.

What we do encourage fellow topiqui to do is to use the opportunities available as they occur to live the topiqxui values and demonstrate those values meaningfully.  So, if you are around people who celebrate Christmas and while being topixqui, we don't recognize their Christian religious "Holy Day", we can spend that time demonstrating being of service to our fellow people and to participate in acts of goodwill and charity.  All of these things being integral to the topixqui way of life.

As topixqui, we have no need to celebrate or remember a single point in time.  Time is fluid and we focus on what time we have at hand and that which we have in front of us.