Sunday, September 14, 2014

Being topixqiu in a modern world

What is the everyday experience of being topixqui in this world?

It is equal parts understanding the ways of the world, knowing what is the right thing to do and then doing that.

To be topixqui means we don't care what everyone else is doing or when they do it or how they do it.

We do what we are taught is "right" and regardless of whatever else might be popular or enforced on people by others, we do what we know is right.

That doesn't mean blind obedience.  Too often throughout history we have learned that blind obedience to a certain dogma or teaching can lead us to doing what is not right but has been previously taught as right.

Topixqui are taught to seek truth.  Truth is the culmination of facts, evidence and rational thought.

When faced with fact based evidence that what had once been taught is right is actually not right, we are obligated to correct our definition of right and pursue that until the truth shows us otherwise.

Hard as it can seem to be, topixqui are taught that we should give the benefit of the doubt to other people until there is reason to doubt them.  In today's world, trusting others without qualification can be seen as a dangerous thing to do. 

However, everything in life is dangerous and we are not put here to be safe.  We are put here to learn to be the best person we can be and that means living a life doing what is right in the face of risk and danger.

It doesn't mean to be stupid and careless.  It means that we need to weigh the risks vs the gain and take the appropriate action.  Don't let your life be inhibited simply because there is danger or risk.