Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How do topixqui handle when others initiate force, violence or negativity?

One of the most basic understandings of the topixqui way of life is to treat other People as a neighbor and to give our neighbors the benefit of the doubt until they prove differently.

So what do we do when others do prove differently?  How do topixqui handle when other people initiate force, violence or negativity against us?

We resist.  We try to keep violence to only that which is necessary to end the altercation.  Otherwise, being people who believe in self sufficiency and making our way through life, we do not simply give up what we have gained.  We defend ourselves and always make the effort to stay in control of ourselves, not letting anger, or other emotions take control of us.

When another has declared themselves an enemy or has proven that they cannot be trusted as a neighbor, we keep on with our lives, doing what we can to go on with our lives avoiding unnecessary conflict.

The topixqui way of life believes in courage, honor, respect, dignity, honesty and perseverance.  We do not antagonize or instigate conflict.  At the same time, we will not be easily drawn into a conflict or fight. 

The spirit and spiritual energy

In the topixqui understanding, all People are spirit beings that have been placed into the material world in order to understand and achieve Free Will, Balance and Self Sufficiency.

Spirit beings cannot manifest easily in the material  world and even when they do, it is limited.  By housing the spirit being in a physical body, the Person is able to function in the material world naturally.

Regardless of being within a physical body, the spirit is still in control and the energy of the spirit does emanate and flow through the physical body.

We believe this spiritual energy is what the Chinese refer to as "Qi" (or Chi).  Though the Chinese do not refer to Qi as spiritual energy, the description of the energy they apply to Qi is essentially identical to our understanding of spiritual energy and is manifested and can be controlled or used by a physical Person who is disciplined enough to do so.

Because the spirit is melded into the physical body, it can be difficult for some to identify their Qi as different from physical energy or emotional energy.  The experience of being a physical Person is very different and often overwhelming for a spirit being.  It is no surprise that many People have a hard time bringing all of that together without some help.

One of the primary reasons we have introduced Taijiquan into the topixqui way is to help People learn to identify and control the flow of their spirit energy or Qi.  This is beneficial to a person's overall health and strength and well being.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Just what does a Topixqui do and how does a person become one?

A Topixqui, as explained a couple of posts ago, is a person who has taken the vows of Topixqui to be a guide, a facilitator, a mentor and someone who carries out ceremonial rites and spiritual exercises.

A Topixqui lives a life being an example of self sufficiency and treating other People as neighbors and giving them the benefit of the doubt until they are proven wrong.

One of the vows that a Topixqui makes is to learn a trade of self sufficiency that is beneficial to the world.  Trades such as gardening/farming, beekeeping, cooking, and making things from the harvests to reduce or eliminate unnecessary and disrespectful waste of the life taken or the harvest given.

A Topixqui is always working to become a better person, though they may not always be successful or may have days when they fail, they always work to get back on track and try again.

A Topixqui carries out Ceremonial Rites and Spiritual Exercises for People in need of aid.

Ceremonial Rites;

Marriage Ceremony: Performs marriage ceremony for men and women who have chosen to marry and make the sacred vows in front of the community to the Creator directly.

Naming Ceremony: This is a ceremony to give a person a name that is fitting to their spirit.  No one may know this name except for the Topixqui, the person named and those the person named chooses to let know.  Sharing ones spirit name with another is not done lightly and is limited to very few people such as parents, spouses, children and the very closest and most true of friends.

Birth Welcoming Ceremony:  When a child is born into the material world, we welcome the new person among us and select People such as Parents offer themselves as family to the new person.  This ceremony is also done for People of various ages who never recceived a proper topixqui welcome into this world.
Rites of Becoming:  When a Person, male or female, reaches the age of manhood/womanhood, they are Welcomed as People who are able to make full use of their Free Will, acknowledge the responsibilities of Free Will and are seen as adult People capable of being self sufficient and contribute to the village community.

Awakening Ceremony:   When a person who has lived their life in the topixqui ways, at the time they are laid to rest in this material world and awaken in the spirit world, a Topixqui performs this ceremony sending the gathered spirit energy of those gathered with the newly awakened person in the hopes that they will truly awaken to the spirit world and not need to be sent back to this material world.

Spiritual Exercises;

Exorcism:  This is the exercise of banishing Demons or Angels who have become to involved in the material world and have become harmful to People.

Blessings:  Blessings are given by the Topixqui to bring the good graces and positive spiritual energy of the People in attendance to a particular person, place or thing in the material world.

Cleansing:  At times, when negative spiritual energy has overwhelmed a place or a person in the material world,  A Topixqui is able to Cleanse it and remove/reduce the negative energy.

Transitioning:  There are times when People's spirits become confused or frustrated and instead of awakening in the spirit world, they have bonded themselves in spirit form to the material world.  A Topixqui is able to help these People to leave the material world and transition so they may awaken in the spirit world.

A Topixqui is a teacher to help those who follow the topixqui ways to be self sufficient and to be a better person.  Topixqui teach others how to become or do the trade the Topixqui has chosen to practice.  Topixqui learn and instruct others in Taijiquan to learn self control and mastery of ones self and spirit.

Topixqui can do many things for other People but perhaps the greatest things we can do for others is to lead by example and always work to help others achieve self sufficiency in their lives.  With self sufficiency, People are able to be stronger, accomplish more and generate greater spiritual strength and energy.

Becoming a Topixqui; 

To put it shortly, one must take the Topixqui vows from another ordained Topixqui.  For the following first two years, after taking the vows, a person is considered a novitiate and works as an assistant to the Topixqui he or she took the vows from. 

That Topixqui is then responsible for teaching the novitiate the ways of topixqui life and to perform and conduct the Rites, Ceremonies and Exercises that Topixqui must know.

The novitiate will be taught Taijiquan for their own benefit as well as to be able to teach others.

The novitiate will learn a trade of self sustainability they will engage in continuously afterwards and teach to others.

The novitiate will live their life as an example of the topixqui way of life.

After two years of successfully doing the above, the Topixqui will then ordain the novitiate as a Topixqui and the new Topixqui may then go out into the world as a fully recognized Topixqui.

Topixqui understanding of how the world works

The Creator of all things became self aware after having existed but not been "awake" until that point.

It was at that point that it first created balance by separating order from chaos.  Chaos exists as the default state of things and it is the will of the Creator that brings order.  The Creator caused order and chaos to be balanced and one cannot exist with out the other.

The Creator introduced light to balance against the darkness.  It is darkness that exists in the absence of light.

The original state of life exists within that which is the Creator.  It created a physical world to balance against the spiritual world.

From there, the Creator brought other living beings from within itself.  All beings are originally spiritual having been created in the Spirit world.  The first two beings that were created were the Angels and the Demons for they exist to help the Creator to maintain Balance.  Angels and Demons have no Free Will as they are made to do as they are created to do.

The 4th type of being are People.  We were indeed created spiritually in the Creator's image as he wanted another being not to do as they were bidden to do, but to create and seek balance as the Creator.

In order to do so, People have been given Free Will.  Balance is the result of the Creator's awakening and self realization.  People must become self aware and "Awaken" in order to achieve Balance as well.

People are put into the Material world in order to accomplish that awakening and balance. When People finally do awaken and find balance, it is the end of our time in the material world.

While in the Material World, we are not without assistance.  Everything we need to live, think, feel, learn and grow has been put here for us.  The Creator, having given us Free Will cannot live our lives for us, but has facilitated life in general so that by being resourceful, we are able to make the choices we need to make and do what we need to do to reach the point of awakening.

The Creator calls to each of us while we are here.  Whispering in our ear, suggesting to us a path we can follow that will lead us to our awakening.  It does not force us if we are to have Free Will, but if we listen and we answer the call, we can reach that point.

Many people ask, "Why does God let bad things happen?"  The answer is that God doesn't "let" bad things happen.  We let bad things happen.  We have a choice to do Bad or Good because we have Free Will.

Evil exists because it is as much a part of the Creator as Good is.  It must exist as part of Balance.  However, because of the Creator's will in creating the balance between Good and Evil, we each must choose what we do on our own.

If Evil things happen here by People, it is because People have chosen Evil.  We have then failed ourselves if indeed failure is the result.

Are we not more capable than that to choose to do Evil or Good?  Must it take someone else to force People to do Good or Evil?   No, that is not the way the Creator made us.  We have Free Will.  If we are to lazy or afraid to use it, then we have given it up.

People have been made to be self sufficient.  Everything we need is here for us to make use of.  We each have our own path to walk, our own life to live.  We must make our own way through life because no one else can live our life for us.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tying Tai Chi into topixqui life

One of the most important aspects of topixqui life is to make ourself a better person.  There are many ways to do this.  I have found though that Taijiquan (AKA Tai Chi) almost seems to be made to be a part of the topixqui understanding.

Taijiquan is a martial art form that has as a result of practicing it, a tremendous positive effect on our physical and mental health at the same time.  In order to master Taijiquan, we must first master ourselves.  We must gain better self control and discipline over our body and our mind.

Taijiquan is a martial art form that is ideal for self defense but probably least likely used offensively.  This fits in perfectly with a topixqui life as some of our basic principles are to be self sufficient, being able to see to our own needs as much as possible and to look on others as our neighbors and to give them the benefit of the doubt.  The topixqui way is not a way that seeks to initiate force or violence against others.

As a result of our adoption and adaptation of Taijiquan in to the topixqui ways, we now encourage Topixquis to learn and instruct others in the martial art of Taijiquan as we have adapted it to our way of understanding and life.

Only a Topixqui is expected to learn and teach Taijiquan.  We have developed an advancement method that allows us to identify at what level of mastery a student is in terms of practicing both the martial application and the formal application.

Topixqui charge no money to instruct others in taijiquan for profit but students may be asked to support the costs of being taught.  This would apply to renting a space if an outdoor location is unavailable (though instruction is preferable and encouraged to take place outdoors) and the cost of the various colored sashes that we use to indicate a students level of mastery. 

Students are encouraged to make or obtain everything they will need during instruction such as clothes, sashes, bottled water, etc...

Teaching topixqui

First of all, topixqui isn't a church.  It's a way of understanding.  There is the topixqui way and then there are Topixqui.  the topixqui way is living or making the effort to live in a tribal or village way.  It means understanding all of life in a relationship directly with the Creator.

To live the village way does not have anything to do with politics.  There are those who have mistakenly assumed that it has a connotation with socialism, communism, etc.. and that is the furthest thing from the truth.  Living in a village way is to live in a way in which we see everyone around us as a neighbor, as a relative, as someone we give the benefit of the doubt to because they are one of us as a people.

To be a Topixqui is to be a guide.  To be someone who will has vowed to be of service to other people to help them on their path in answering the call of the Creator.  We dedicate ourselves to carrying out the sacred services of the Creator for others and to facilitate the way so that others are able to make their own way in the world.

One way to think of a Topixqui is to consider life as walking down a road that splits into many different directions. on each path, every so often, you might find yourself lost or in need of a place to rest or gather supplies and resources to continue on your life's travel.  The topixqui is someone who opens their door to you and is able to provide that moment of rest or shelter for a short period.  The Topixqui is a teacher and guide who can help you find your way again.

One thing a Topixqui is not is a person who will walk your path for you.  One of the most sacred things a Topixqui can do is to allow a person the freedom and liberty of living their own life.

Topixqui is a Nahuatl word that means something along the lines of "Priest" but it also has been understood to mean a representative of the Creator.  That is the understand and reasoning for our use of the word.  A Topixqui is a person who take s the vows to be a representative of the Creator in this world helping others as they travel on the road of life and to walk on the path path that is the right one for them as they answer the Creator's call.

We are beacons, we are a lighthouse, we are a a way-station as people go through life.

To live the topixqui way is not automatically the same as to be a Topixqui.  It means to be the best person we can be and to walk our own path and listen for his call to us, leading us ever down the path of Life on a route mapped out just for each one of us.

To live the topixqui way means to always strive to be self sufficient and to see other people as our neighbors first.  It means to give people the benefit of the doubt and to not try to weaken others but to help make them stronger.

To be a Topixqui means to be a person and to live our life as every other person and not to be pretentious and take advantage of those who come to us for assistance, guidance or teaching.  To be a Topixqui means to always remember that we are people who are not perfect and that we have our own failings because we are not perfect but that we can learn from our failings to be a better person.

You don't have to be a Topixqui to life the topxqui way of life.  Keep in mind these basic precepts;

  • Understand that the Creator of all things the source of all things.  It is us and we are it.
  • Remember that all living things are People 
  • Respect ALL people and see them as your neighbor.
  • Give your neighbor the benefit of the doubt until they show you otherwise.
  • Rationality and emotions both are important to us and neither should be absent in our decision making.
  • Never waste what the Creator has provided.
  • Killing other humans should only be done in self defense
  • Killing other People that aren't humans should only be done in self defense or to survive.
  • Stealing from other People, any People, is disrespectful to the Creator who created us each to make our own way in life.  If we need something from other People, we have been given the ways of trade, barter, giving and earning to get what we need.
These are the basics of the topixqui way of life.  In future posts we will get into more details on living a topixqui way of life, understandings of the worlds and of being a Topixqui.