Monday, January 6, 2014

Why do we need God?

First let me explain a bit from the IE understanding.  God does "need" us, and he wants us.

Simultaneously, we "need" God and we really should want him as well.

Why is this?  Let me continue.

God, Creator of all Things, Call him/It what you will, is the origin of all things.  From him came all that is, but all jumbled up and chaotic.  The first thing he did was to separate everything out and create Order to balance out the Chaos.

With Balance thus begun, He set about putting everything in it's place and having a place for everything.  That is Order.  You've heard the phrase before, but perhaps you never really thought about how deep it's roots are.

He separated Good from Evil and created two other types of beings to embody them.  Those are the Angels and Demons we have become all to familiar with.

However, he also wanted something that would be able to "want" him just as he wanted others.  He is the Creator of not only the first beings, but he created the concept of family, of relation and relating one to another.

It wasn't enough to have others who who simply be there.  e He wanted people who would actually "want" him, want to accept him without being told or made to.  Thus, he made all people in his image, not physically, but in essence.  He gave us the most core aspect of himself that even Angels and Demons do not have and that is Free Will.

He wants us to call and look for him because we want to, not because we have to.

Creator provides us with everything we are, everything we have and everything we need. (notice I didn't say everything we "want").  One of the biggest things he provides us is perspective.

He is the final arbiter of Right and Wrong.  In looking to him, we seek out at times a father figure, a mentor, a destination and a friend.  Why is this?  Because we recognize his authority as the Creator of all things, thus he is the rightful "owner" of everything and has the right to make the rules, so to speak.

When God tells us that it is Right that we should look out for and help one another, he does not make us do it.  He puts the word out there and if we respect and recognize his words, we will do them because we want to, we choose to and thus will be personally vested in doing so instead of dragging our feet and being resentful for being forced to do so or even worse, doing so without even knowing any different because we are automatons who know nothing else.

By accepting him as an authority beyond ourselves, we are able to then see things in perspective.  We can see that when God gave us aright and an ability to do for ourselves, it is something that no person can or should intercede.  It is not our place to deny that which he has put in place.

By respecting that of our own free will, we adhere to it even more closely.  Because we want to.

We need God because by respecting and appreciating what he is, we are better able to respect and appreciate what we are.  He gives us perspective.

He does not demand or require that people believe or even acknowledge him.  That goes against the very point of giving us Free Will in the first place.  He does not need us to believe in him for him to be what he is.  He is what he is regardless of what we believe or do not believe.

But, if you do not recognize him and respect him for what he is, what then gives you perspective?  What do you see that keeps you from not respecting and recognizing other people's right to live as they will and be what they will just as you desire and intend for yourself?

Maybe something to think about?