Sunday, December 22, 2013

Topixqui: Modern Day Druids?

During a recent discussion with someone describing what Topixqui do in our lives, the fella asked if we were like Druids then.

I had to chuckle a bit I admit.  Not because I find the comparison silly, but because I think it is a very good way to look at what we do and I hadn't quite looked at it that way before.

When most people think of Druids, they get an image of the Celtic Druid, worshiping the very trees and animals around them.

Topixqui understand there is only one Creator and that all life here is the created.  So, while we would not worship other living creatures, I do see some interesting similarities.

Druids were often solitary figures, keeping their own house and doing what they needed to do as a direct relationship to their vows and interaction with the Creator.  Topixqui are very similar in this aspect as we do not work in groups or as a collective necessarily either.  We will communicate with each other and we work far more with other people than the historic Druids of legend.

We do believe that Nature is, in essence, the very spirit of the Earth, as we understand that the Earth itself is a living being.  The ways of the Earth and understanding them as creatures who live and are dependent on the Earth are a large part of our study and understanding.  We cherish and respect the Earth as our host and benefactor.

We have a very high regard for all living things including plants, animals, fish, birds, insects and yes, humans, equally.  It is our understanding that no life form is more "valuable" than any other but each life form has a purpose and is integral to the lives of all the other creatures.So, while we do not "worship" trees and palnts and animals, we certainly do hold them in the highest regard as fellow living creatures and as one of the "Created".

We do not cast spells or use any "magic" as the Druids of lore seemed to have.  We do however, go about helping other "created" in the best ways we are able to. Often surprising even ourselves with what we find we are capable of accomplishing, which can seem magical in itself sometimes.

I think it is a very fun comparison to see Topixqui as modern day druids, carrying out our vows to the Creator and being of service to the many created.