Monday, October 22, 2012

Why Choose to Do Good More Than Evil?

Evil weighs heavy on the soul.  Just as darkness weighs heavier than light, much more light must be made t ocut into the Darkness to create Balance.

It requires more thoughts and actions of Good to Balance out the weight of Evil.

We are not just talking in material,tangible terms of weight.  There is material weight and there is spiritual weight.

Spiritually speaking, the Soul measures Good and Evil as each weigh on the Soul.  Each has an effect on the Soul. As it is with the Creator, so it is with us.  Good and Evil are a part of us.  We never have one without the other.

If we are to live in balance however, knowing that Evil weighs more heavily on our Soul, we must accumulate more  in terms of quantity of Good to balance that weight of Evil.

Think of it in Material terms.  One part Evil weighs say, one pound.  One part Good weighs 1/3 of a pound.  They both take up the same space in our soul, but the Evil weighs heavier on us.  It must be kept in Balance if our lives are to be in Balance as a whole.

We Choose To Be What We Are

At indigenous Earth, we understand that the Creator is not some grandfatherly humanoid figure. The Creator looked within himself and created Order from Chaos, Light from Darkness, Good From Evil and Material from Spiritual.

He brought Balance to all things. He created The physical world so that people could know the tangible from the intangible.

He set Creation in motion and
lets us use the greatest gift he gave us in making us in his image. Free Will.

We make our own way in this world and the Creator works in simple ways. The choices we make are ours. The consequences are also ours.

When he does grant us anything at all, it is done simply. We must be alert and aware to see them when they do come and they come when we have shown our willingness to make our own way.

There is a saying that "god helps those who help themselves." This is true. We must work on own own behalf. Mercy and charity are not promised to anyone and should be recognized as gifts but not depended on as something owed to us.
Charity and mercy are things that we must choose to give and can only hope to receive.

It is about knowing and doing that we are here.  We learn to know and we practice to do.

If you learn Good things and practice Good things, then you will come to know and do Good things.  If you learn Evil things and practice Evil things, then again, you will come to know and do Evil things.

It is up to each of us to choose to know and do Good or Evil things.  It is also for us to understand that we cannot have one without the other.  If nothing else, Balance is the will of the Creator.

Knowing when, why and where it is time to know and do Good or Evil and that there is such a thing as a time, place and call for Good or Evil to be known and done.  This is our calling.  Only the Creator himself and People have the power of Free Will.

To exercise Free Will, to Choose for ourselves, is the greatest power we have.

We choose to live.  We choose to die.  We choose to help or we choose to hurt.

We can do anything we want, but we must face the consequences of our choices and actions.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Who Made This?

Science is a wonderful thing.  By using the Scientific Method, we can learn all sorts of things about our world.

For example, we can learn what soil or dirt is.  we can see  and identify it's composition.  We can label it's cellular and molecular structure.

We can do the same with Water and air and just about everything around us.  We can even do it with honey.

It's interesting to know though, that even with all our scientific gains and accumulated learning, we still cannot make dirt.  We cannot make rocks and gems.  We cannot make water. We cannot make honey.

We make other things by combining natural elements.  We create composite materials and make other things with those.  We cannot make those natural elements on our own though.  Try as we might, science pushed to screaming boundaries, we cannot make natural elements.

We can change them.  We can convert steam into water and water into ice and ice into water.  That's pretty cool.  Nature does all those things on it's own too.  we are just mimicking it more precisely.

We are great manipulators.  Taking what is there in one from, combining or refining it into other forms.  With all our scientific know how, we cannot make any of those natural elements.

One might think that if all this life was merely the result of an stellar accident, science would lead to the eventual making of natural resources.  It doesn't though and it never will.

The making, the creation of something is more than just manipulation or cause and effect.  It's more than manipulation of chemistry or biology.  If it were that simple, humans would have figured that out long ago.

We have a finite amount of water on this planet.  We cannot make more of it.  We can process it.  Compress the air enough and it will release the water that was trapped there.  That's not creating water though, simply manipulating it.

We were created.  All of this around us was created.  That indicates a Creator.  Was this Creator a benevolent humanoid or a non-caring thought-being just creating universes as it devoured stars and space?

It could have been any number of things, caring or uncaring about what it created.  Many people may not want to think about that.  That doesn't change that it might certainly be true though.

However, Topixqui see that there are indications in this world that show not only was this Creator intelligent, but that it is still around.  Perhaps not the doting grandfather many would like to imagine, but present none-the-less.

We are able to see the hand of the Creator in many things in the world.  So many that there is no point of questioning it's existence anymore, merely to learn about it's true nature and identity.

We have come a long way over thousands of years in that pursuit towards that understanding and yet there is still so much more to learn and so little truly known.

One thing we do know is that this Creator of all things does not care if people "believe" in it or not.  It does not need to be revered and championed.  It exists regardless.  Whether People who are living in this physical world believe in it or not doesn't change anything.

It let's us be who and what we are.  It calls to us to follow our own path to it if we will and makes no demands on us.  It is not interested in us as a whole, but in each and every living thing here individually.  It waits and it watches us. letting us do as we will, make our own choices and exercise our free will.  That is truly liberating, to know that whatever choices we make, we are able to pursue without any other consequences but the ones our choices and actions led us to.

Many people cry out to "God" to step in and save us from ourselves.  That isn't the point of this life though.  That isn't the point of his calling to us.  It's to see us learn, walk the path we choose to walk and live up to the potential of what we are made to be, without excuses.

Is there a "Heaven" or Hell"

It's interesting that one of the most common questions I get asked is to confirm the ideas of other faiths.  The first of those questions is usually "Is there a Heaven?"

Technically speaking, "Heaven" an Hell" are Christian names assigned to the spirit world or the place spirits go when they are done here.

In terms of how Topixqui understand the relationship with the Creator and the spirit world, it is not the same.

There is the spirit world where all spiritual beings are unless they are here, in the physical or "manifest" world.  That's it.  There are no places of "reward" or "punishment" that the Creator has let us know of.  To be rewarded or punished is for subservient roles that are owned or dominated by others.

Creator does not look at his children as property or servants.  We exist as he does, freely and of our own choice.  Thus any rewards or punishments that come our way are those that we perceive as such as consequences of our actions and thoughts.

Next most popular question is "Is there a Devil" or Satan?"  Again, "Devil" and Satan" are constructs of other religious groups.  Topixqui do not know of any such actual entities.  There are four types of beings, three of them are created.  The Creator himself, Angels, Demons and People.

Angels and Demons can only be what they are, Good or Evil.  They are very powerful spiritual beings and very focused on what their life's objective is.  Over the centuries, many Angels and Demons have found ways to exert influence into this physical world, if not had the strength to enter it briefly an with amazing impact.

As a result of their interactions with people in this world, their names have been given and some have mistaken those few with being more than they actually are.  To what we suspect was the great entertainment of the Angels and Demons who made those contacts.

"Angels", "Saints", "Devils", and "Demons" in our understanding are only guises used by those actual Angels and Demons created by the one Creator of all things.

Angels and Demons are not unique to any one religion nor are they any more "special" in the eyes of the Creator than People.

The last most popular question is "Do we live forever in spirit form after we die here?"  The short answer is "Yes".  The full answer is that we exist in spirit form before we enter this physical world and we continue to exist beyond it.

The spirits of People are very strong as we were made most like the Creator himself.  We can exist here in the physical world as spirits or we can return to spirit world itself.  Most People who are in this physical world as spirits are usually those who are confused, upset, afraid, lost or determined.

People come to the physical world to learn something.  Something that best comes from being tangible.  We come here on a learning adventure and our spirit lives are blocked so that we may make the most of the experience.  The Creator always calls to us though to return to him.  He is our beacon that allows us to keep some memory of what we are and what our objective is.