Saturday, August 11, 2012

So, why are we here?

As in, "What is this life about?"

Topixqui have come to understand that there are two "worlds" or "planes" of existence. The physical or material world and the spiritual world. It all goes back to balance.

Creator made everything from within him. He himself is a spiritual creature. As he made order to balance chaos and light to balance darkness, he also made the physical world to balance the spiritual world. 

The Creator made us in his image. Not physically though, as spiritual beings. Of the four spiritual beings that exist (three of which he created) there are himself,

Angels, Demons, and People. Angels and Demons are created with no free will. They exist to do as they are made to do. Very powerful spiritual beings having no choice in their life's purpose.

People were made in the spiritual image of the Creator and share his free will. For us to grow as best we can into capable and informed beings, we spend much of our time in the physical world where choices abound. We learn to sense and communicate and interact, problem solve, make decisions, and be true to our calling. It's not an easy world because the physical world is just as full of contradiction as the spiritual world.

There though, the contradictions are made manifest. It's a proving grounds, a learning place. It is where we discover who and what we are and work to achieve our full potential.

Good exists here and Evil exists here. All things that were created are here. We learn balance. We learn to walk that line to maintain balance. We are here not just to learn, but to "be".

While we are here, in these bodies, living these lives, the Creator calls out to every one of us. It is our job to answer that call. To find our way to him and do our work while finding our way.

Sometimes we don't hear the call for a while, sometimes we choose not to listen. Sometimes we find ourselves distracted and other times we are misled. We step into this physical world, we don't live in both worlds at once.

We wear these bodies much as one wears a costume or an exoskeleton in order to interact here. Spirits cannot interact in the physical world just as material bodies cannot interact with the spiritual world.

There is a need to bond a spirit to a physical body in order to by fully integrated in the physical world. Each body represents a living, spiritual being. The different bodies of living beings in this world are varied and different and each body has a different lesson to provide to the spirit.

To be in this physical world is not about seeking perfection, it is about maintaining balance. It is about making choices and understanding what those choices truly mean.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

So, what is all this anyway?

Indigenous Earth is a "religion" in that it is a shared understanding of several people who walk a similar path to the Creator.

This is a path that recognizes the direct relationship we have with the Creator.  This is a way that respects the tribal community and way of life.

Indigenous Earth recognizes that all people are indigenous, are native, to this world.  In many places scattered all around the planet.  There is no racial, national or political boundaries recognized by Indigenous Earth.  All people are children of the Creator equally.  We all started as a tribal people somewhere in the world.  We are drawn to that tribal community.

"Topixqui" are like a priest, monk or perhaps even 'druid' who are people who have taken a vow to serve the Creator and the Creator's children.  to be of assistance to all people.

"People" are all living creatures made by the Creator.  This is not just limited to human people but all living things.  This includes the Earth itself as we recognize that the Earth is a living being unto itself as are other "celestial  bodies".

Topixqui are no different from anyone else except that we have vowed to serve the Creator and be of assistance to the created.  We don't live separately or hold ourselves to be of a different "class" or status than anyone else.

We are here to provide guidance and direction and support to those who come seeking it.  We do not "recruit" or proselytize.  We are simply here to  provide to those who come seeking those services or assistance that we are able to provide.

We are able to perform certain ceremonial rituals for those who follow the Indigenous Earth path.

We are here to talk or if you need someone to listen.

Ceremonial activities are located when and as needed by those asking for them.  There are no churches to congregate in.  We meet in open areas at various times and places.

If you are ever interested in learning more about Indigenous Earth, please find your way to a meeting place.  You will always be welcome to sit down and share in the discussion and community.

What is mercy?

Some say that mercy is found when the wolf let's the rabbit live.  For others, it's the warrior who doesn't slay his opponent.

For still others, mercy is found in the hungry child sharing his or her scraps of food with someone who has none at all.

"Mercy" is something that exists within us that isn't easily defined as an emotion, a logical thought or a chemical reaction in the brain.  It is none of these, yet it would be perhaps all of these at the same time.

Some see mercy as a virtue.  Some see it as a weakness.  Either way, both understand it as not letting someone fall before you, but helping them instead.  Even when you have no reason to feel compelled to or the other has no reason to expect it.

Topixqui understand that mercy is something that is a spiritual characteristic.  It is part of the direct connection our spirit maintains with the Creator of all things and to all things created.

At it's most basic, life in the material world is indeed governed by strength and adaptability.  The strong survive.  The weak adapt to create new strength or die.

Mercy is shown by one of the created who step outside of that ruleset, if just for a moment,  to allow the weak to not die, but make that adaptation.

Yes, circumstances may occur that it appears "luck" or something not working as it normally does allows an escape from the seeming inevitable.

We topixqui see this to be an example of mercy from beyond the material world.

Mercy is not just in the living though.  To allow one to die can indeed be merciful as well.  To allow them to move out from behind walls of misery and pain.  Pain to the extreme that there is no hope to adapt or grow stronger to defeat it or get away from it.

To simply allow one to leave it can be mercy.

Mercy is not a logical thought or an emotion.  It is not a chemical reaction of the brain or body.  It is a spiritual expression intended to ease an unbearable pain or harm.