Monday, July 16, 2012

A commonality of all indigenous people

There are some who see the word "indigenous" and automatically think of Native Americans.

However, while they are indigenous to this earth as much as anyone, they are specifically indigenous to North America and "Indigenous Earth" here encompasses ALL people of the Earth.  not just one group of them.

All people are indigenous to some locale on the Earth.  We all started out living close to the Earth and in a tribal way in every corner and every land.

There is tribal life, which  are the ways of society and there is "tribal living" which is a way of life and interacting with one another.

Societies have changed over the millenia for many people.  The structures we live in and the systems we build to interact with.

The way each one of us lives is still very tribal and we each commonly search to keep a small community of family and friends who support each other.

Some of us get lost and find that we have no "tribe" to belong to or that we have wandered away or gotten lost from our tribe.  Indigenous Earth is a group of us from all over to help each other find that tribe we belong to and come together as a nation of tribes in peace with one another.

"Tribe" and "nation" are words that apply to every people around the world.  these are not terms that are owned by any one group of people.  These have existed as ways of living for people everywhere.

Tribal life and tribal living is where all people started.The more we have gotten away from that life, the more we realize we are dawn to it.

The One Creator of all things started all people out in tribal lives.  It is our goal at Indigenous Earth to help people find their way, to answer the Creator's call to him, by returning to tribal living.

So many people from all over the world feel a pull toward tribal living and if in America, look at Native American culture and often don't understand why it appeals to them so much, but they feel like an outsider looking in.  Not part of the group in the window, but wanting to be.

It is the call of the tribal living you fell and it is a part of all of us because of our history on this Earth.  Tribal living didn't originate with Native Americans.  They are simply the group here that still lives closest to the tribal ways.  They have in many places, held onto tribal living.

You don't have to pretend to be a Native American to live a tribal life though.  It is the foundation of all people on Earth and it is our history and our heritage as human beings.

If the ways of indigenous Earth are something you would like to know more about, please talk to a topixqui who can help you find the answers to your questions and get back to a more natural way of being.

If there are no Indigenous Earth topixqui near you, feel free to comment here or contact me via email, facebook or Google Plus.   I will help however I can.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The marriage relationship.

Humans are born into a gender.  Why is that?  Scientifically speaking, it is to reproduce.  It requires a female egg and a male sperm to create an embryo.

The percentage of people being born into one gender is astronomically high..  I'd wager that if you took a study worldwide of all humans born, over 99% of them are  born into one gender or the other.

Those not born into one gender or without one entirely would be scientifically seen as an aberration in terms of genetic development.

Because of this biological relationship, humans, as well as many other species on Earth mate with each other.  To "mate" is more than  a physical copulation though.  It takes into consideration emotional and societal aspects as well.

The act of reproduction creates chemical responses in humans that our minds react to.  Most of those reactions are emotional.  Emotionally speaking, we can become possessive, lustful, caring and many other feelings toward each other.

Historically, societal influence has varied from region to region in that relationships established based on "mating" ranging from "ownership" one by the other, to mutual respect for each other's willing interdependence and freedom.

Marriage is seen by various cultures as making a promise to each other, the community and to the Creator, of at the least, fidelity and support to each other.

Because these relationships are predicated on mating, marriage is often seen as an "institution" binding a male and a female.

Throughout history, there have been several incidences of "homosexuality" in which males desire to attempt to mate with males, females with females.  This is usually seen as a fetish at best and a genetic mishap at the worst.  In almost all societies, it is not considered "normal" because though a desire exists to copulate with the same gender, it cannot result in reproduction.

Whether we look at it purely scientifically or including spirituality, we can say that humans are made to reproduce.  We are made to mate male to female.  That's not an opinion, that genetics.

The pairing up of males and females as a part of mating has existed before societal creation of the institution of marriage.  The natural emotions and hormones of humans typically tend to cause both parties to desire to mate for extended periods of time, if not for life.

While people may argue whether marriage is only for heterosexual couples, the societal perspective is, to us as topixqui, less important as the spiritual perspective.

When we bond with one another as mates, reproduction is part of the basic relationship. It is part recognition of the reason we are made the way we are.

For a topixqui, marriage is only for heterosexual mates because A) the respect given to how we are made and B) the promises that are made by the "mated" to each other and to the Creator who made us.

See other posts on the topixqui understanding of "religion" being the recognition of who made us and "science" being the study of how it was done.  They are not mutually exclusive.