Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"God" and "Science" are not mutually exclusive

It's interesting to note the discussions of people and how often it's one or the other in terms of "religion" and "science" as though they are opposing concepts.

Both are schools of study, tools perhaps, that allow us to study the world around us.

Science can tell us a lot of things about the world.  How things happen, when things happen, what has happened, even "if" something has happened.  One thing science really cannot tell us is "why" things happen.

People with little or no faith in things beyond themselves often will try to say that science is answering the "why" of things by answering the other questions.  Factually speaking though, "how" what", "where" and "when" do not equal ""why".

"Religion" is itself a study of creation, origins and "meaning" in peoples live and the world around us. Just as science has various schools of thought and approaches to the same problems, so too does religion as a whole.

Religion is often incorrectly and "un-fairly" commonly associated with three of the most common/popular churches.  Christianity, Islam and Judaism.  This is a vastly incorrect line of thinking though as there are hundreds of "religions" or schools of thought in the world beyond those.

"Atheists" most commonly equate "religion" with a belief in a deity or deities and seem to have rallied against the notion of "Religion" as a whole as representative of "God".  They have most often falsely concluded somehow that "science" has "proven" somehow that a deity doesn't and cannot exist.

Actually, science "proves" nothing of the sort as in all honesty, science does not "prove" anything, but can only disprove.  To this point, "science" has never conclusively dis-proved anything as to the existence of a deity.

As a topixqui,  I myself use both religion and science together to understand the world around me.  The scientific method is almost perfectly lent to the religious pursuit of understanding life and the universe.

One might also note that historically speaking, some of the most notable scientists in history are those who were also religious scholars such as the Jesuits and many others.

So I ask you to consider not looking at things as "science" versus "religion" but "science" and "religion.