Thursday, May 3, 2012

Understanding Balance

When we, as the "created" think about the great universe we find ourselves in, we think in finite and two dimensional terms.

We say that the Creator made all things, the universe itself, from nothing, he created something.

We do ourselves a great dis-service and the Creator a great dis-respect in thinking so though.

Too often, our world ("world" defined as all we know, not simply a planet for the time being) is described as a non-existent space in which the Creator suddenly replaced with open space.

It is made to seem that our world was created from "day one" to be a point of perfection.  A perpetual utopia that was eventually cast into chaos and dis-order by "Evil" (which apparently created itself out of nothing to hear the tales).

Essentially, God made the big room then laid out the blueprints and all was perfect until he threw us in the mix.

Topixqui have a different understanding of these things.

The Creator is all things.  The great "void" is itself and from itself it created order.  Order is the condition of things after they have been planned and put into a desired place.  The absence of order is simply chaos.  Chaos has been described as nearly an evil entity unto itself.  In truth, it simply is what is until someone or something puts things in place.

Chaos is the first example of balance in all things.  On one side of the scale there is chaos and on the other, order.

As the Creator made everything from itself, things were in chaos.  He placed them in order as he made them.

There are other examples of "prime balance" in creation.  Darkness and light for instance.   In the absence of what has been placed there "artificially",  Light, in this case, there exists simply darkness.

When we remove the suns brightness, we are left in what remains, darkness.  This is also another example of creating order from chaos.  Darkness is what was already there and from that starting point in himself, the Creator brought things to provide balance,  to create order.

So we now understand that there was never really "nothing" before the Creator made it all.  It all existed the whole time, yet within himself.  it was not manifested until he brought order to all of Creation, and himself, by taking all that is within him and creating things that would provide balance.

That is what all of the created are.  All of us.  We are here to help find balance in the world.  We each come from, are part of, him. 

"Evil" did not create itself and bring dis-order and imbalance to all things.  it is one of the Prime Balance.  In the absence of Good, there is Evil.  Good is that which he made in order to maintain balance.  It already existed because it was in him from the beginning.

He changed that by creating Angels and Demons which are spiritual creatures to embody those two aspects of himself.  They work forever after to represent their nature.  They have no choice, no free will about their nature.  They are what they were made to be.

It is our nature, made in his image as one who is able to choose, as one who is able to have free will, to help maintain that balance choosing carefully what we do as we encounter Good and Evil.