Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Religion" Isn't Necessarily About "God".

A religion is like a "club" of people who have a shared understanding of the Creator.  They have a set of rituals and directives in which they practice (do things) that demonstrate and celebrate their shared understanding of the Creator.

Some religions have broken down into small "sub-clubs" or sections within the larger group because of differences of opinion among groups as to specifics in practices.

However, A religion does not truly demonstrate or represent the Creator.  It demonstrates a group of people's belief in the Creator and their loyalty to the Creator and how they show themselves collectively and as individual representatives to be a believer.

Religion does not prove God exists.  It operates on the belief and assumption that he does exist.

Unfortunately, far too many religions have the notion that their religion is the "right" one and that there can only be one "right" one.

Having said that, a religion can form around an idealization and deific belief in just about anything.  A religion could theoretically exist for people worshiping a coffee-cup or a gorilla.

Far too many people who are part of a religion have lost sight that religions in general aren't about social control, they are about demonstrating their collective belief and the ways that as a group, they demonstrate that belief.

This isn't to say that some religions haven't been used for social control.  However, that is more to demonstrate the power of a person or group merely using the Creator as a figurehead.

Religion is ultimately a shared path that people will walk together in their  quest to answer the call and summons of the Creator.

Some people walk alone, others in a group.

Just as there are many people, there are many paths to the Creator.