Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Spread Love", the cosmic peanut butter.

Far too often,  I see people say and write the phrase "spread love" and they just leave it at that as though by itself it means something profound.

Love of what? God?  Life?  good food?  What love are we spreading?  Love of fellow people?  All of the above?

I am sure many of those who write so simplistically would suggest "all of the above".

However, we are creatures made for making decisions.  For experiencing opposite thoughts, feelings and values.  It is not within us to "love" everything and everyone.

If anything, perhaps a better thing to spread would be "respect".

We don't have to agree with something to respect that it exists.   I don't love people who kill bees unnecessarily.  I do respect their right to exist and to live their life as the Creator calls them to do so.

I might not like what they do or how they do it, but, I was given my life to live and they theirs.  Respect will make sure I don't try to deny them the chance to do as they are called to do.

"Spread love" is a human, romantic notion that is an ideal for many people who desperately want to believe that if there were only positive, "good" things in the world, then life would be better.

Topixqui know that there are things more important than "love" in the world.  Evil things as well as "good" things happen because of "love". 

For topixqui, we prefer to have respect and act in an honorable way towards all people.  (Let's not forget that to topixqui, "people" is more than humans.  "People" are all living things in the world.)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Prayer is more than we might think it is

Prayer is something that most people think of as a "special" communication to the Creator.

Some have made claims that prayer is something done in a subservient manner.  Much as one would beg from their Master a favor or assistance.

Topixqui hold that prayer is simply the act of talking to God.  Whether it be as a conversation like two people talking to each other or by raising one's voice in song.

One thing about prayer that we understand is that it is not a subservient act.  The Creator made us in his own image.  That does not mean he made us as identical twins of himself but as free willed and beings capable of independent thought and action.  He did not make us so that we should demean his efforts by groveling.

While we should take care not to be prideful, we should also not debase ourselves either.  Prayer is a sacred discussion between ourselves and him.  It should be conducted as respectful and honorable as we can.  We hold a unique place in the world as spiritual beings capable of free will. 

Prayer in the form of song has been used for thousands of years.  One of the great things about prayer as song is how it becomes so much more than a logical discussion.  It allows us to blend our thoughts, our emotions and our faith into the song.  It can communicate so much more than mere words to him.

Prayer songs can be inspirational for us as well.  They can help us reflect on our lives, our decisions, our feelings and our faith.