Sunday, October 9, 2011

Keeping the Balance

A Topixqui or priest is one who works always to bring balance to the world.

To achieve balance, one must understand what that balance consists of.  Topixqui understand that all of Creation is a trinity of Good, Evil and balance of those two.

Both Good and Evil exist and come from the Creator as surely as light and darkness do.  Nothing exists by itself, there is always more than one aspect, even as something flat like a coin has at least two sides, a precious stone can have multiple aspects.  A story has as many aspects as there are participants and witnesses.

When the Creator, a spiritual being himself, created other spiritual creatures, he made three of them, the first created trinity and resulted in the existence of four as a spiritually relevant number.

He made what we call Angels (the spiritual entities encompassing "good" but having no free will), Demons (the spiritual entities encompassing "evil" but having no free will) and People, the only other spiritual entity to have free will besides himself and not locked into representing simply good or evil but having the capacity for both, as both come from himself.

Good exists in the world just as evil does.  It is not for People to choose solely one or the other, but to find the balance and make the wisest choices.

The Topixqui understands the differences between "Good" and good.  Between "Evil" and bad. "Good" and "Evil" exist as polar opposites, definite counter forces of their own right.

"Bad" and "good" are subjective and relative to each person.  Something that tastes good or feels good or sounds good, etc.. is different from one person to the next.

Something to bring more of a spotlight to the discussion is the fact  that this is Halloween.  One of the most common "scary" themes of the holiday is possession and exorcism.

For trained Topixqui who carry out exorcisms in people who are possessed, this is one of the most defining moments of their faith and understanding of the Creator and of life.

It is our objective to return People to their balanced nature and expel spirits using them to carry out their roles as beings of Evil or Good.

Topixqui understand that only Angels and Demons have singular force of will to cross the barrier between the spiritual and material worlds.

We also understand that people are able to be and are at times actually taken possession of by both Angels and Demons, thereby becoming vessels of and for the singular purpose of the spiritual being possessing them.

Most people are more aware of stories of demonic possession of people.  Fewer hear of angelic possession.  One case of angelic possession in Topixqui understanding is the person most people know as Jesus Christ.

In  the case of either angelic or demonic possession, the Topixqui should not call on either Angels or Demons for assistance in expelling the other, demanding their expulsion only in the name of the Creator himself.  This again places the Topixqui as one representing true Balance as a spiritual state acknowledging the Creator as the only spiritual being to have mastered it.