Saturday, August 13, 2011

Work is Necessary

Work.  For a lot of people, that is a four letter word.  They don't like it.  They don't want to do it.  They will do whatever they can to get out of it.

At the same time, work is rewarding.  Work exercises our body and allows us to apply our minds to tasks and challenges.

There are always people who want to invent things and procedures to minimize work.  To eliminate it even or to replace humans with something else to do it.

Our bodies are made to be active.  We are built for action, not idling.  Looking at the human body in it's muscular structure, dietary needs and mobility we can see that we are built to move.  Our bodies literally require physical activity in order to continue functioning properly.

Yet, there are some who get in their heads that physical work is beneath them.  That status and wealth negates the bodies need for activity and is best left for others not as spectacular as they are.

It's good to make tools and methods for work that help us to not abuse our bodies.  We do not have the strength of oxen or horses.  For us to move heavy loads like those, we require our minds to help us find leverage and less stressful means of accomplishing the task.

That doesn't mean though we should be looking to not do those tasks at all.

We have our bodies the way the are for a reason in our lives.  To waste those capabilities is to disregard the gift of being put here as a human.

When we don't apply ourselves and work to our capacity, we find ourselves feeling weak and sick.  We find our bodies don't have the tools to accommodate  a sloth lifestyle and the biology of our bodies is not equipped to handle being non-active for long periods without having a negative effect on that biology.

Work and activity are critically important to us as people.  Embrace it, enjoy it.  We will all be better off when we do.